Our Services

As our name suggests, our offering is exclusive hybrid turnkey solution. With an engineering background, Ludwell Multiworks provides quality in-house services such as Light weight building solutions all the way to Professional services from Design solutions to Project Management.

With proper planning and intensive implementation of our planning, we are focussed on delivering excellence in everything we do. It is vitally important to us that our work is not only something that we are proud of, but rather something that you are proud of.

Turnkey shop-fitting solution:

From manufacturing your shop fitting components to installing pre-manufactured fixtures and fittings, we have the right team for the job.

Light-weight building solutions:

In retail and more so in the construction industry, speed is key! We offer a wide variety on light-weight building solutions for your retail outlet to the office you want, and don’t forget about that new warehouse you have been planning.

Demolition, Re-instatement & Relocations

Maybe you are planning to relocate your office or retail outlet. We have relocated offices and retail outlets nationwide, re-instating the previous occupied space to the landlords requirements and assisted in preparing the new location for you to move in.

Construction: Wet works and Finishing

The latest addition to your offering. As mentioned above we specialise in in-house light-weight building solutions. We took this one step further and offer a comprehensive construction portfolio where we merge standard construction practices with new technology. We now build what Architect dare to design…

Additional Professional Services

Project Management:

The success of our projects lies in the way we approach out projects. Taking time to conduct thorough planning understanding the project type and methodology to apply, we have been able to management project from the quick home renovation to the nation rollout of new look and feel retail stores.

Design: Architecture & Signage

Whether you want to build a new home or require a long overdue upgrade on your house, or if you have a retail outlet and you are required to upgrade your look and feel , or maybe you always wanted to spend time on the new signage you have been contemplating, Ludwell in conjunction with its partner offer a set of design services creating your visions into reality.