About Ludwell Multiworks (PTY) LTD

Established in 2004, and growing from strength to strength, Ludwell Multi Works offers clients an extraordinary service, at a very competitive price. Modern business is designed by factors like volatile economic conditions, increasingly competitive markets and most important ultra-sceptical consumers. In the contact space, first impressions are therefore critical in capturing the attention and the confidence of the consumer. Furthermore, our low-cost building solutions extend nationwide, with turnkey solutions customised for your specific contract management needs.

The name of the game is perfection. We strive for nothing less!


Our Values

At Ludwell we take great pride in our work and value our clients immensely. We strive to take care of all our clients’ needs with integrity, honesty and respect.

By keeping up with today’s modern technologies, we enable ourselves to provide the best possible service. Ultimately, by adhering to these internal values, we strive to deliver final products of such high quality, that they speak for themselves.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: to be the best Contract Management company in our field. We are experienced, responsive, competitive, reliable, and we will work to ensure that these qualities are consistently experienced by our clients so that our name can become synonymous with terms like excellence and perfection.


At Ludwell Multi Works we always ensure that we comply with all Laws and Regulations. To ensure our compliance is up to standard, we adhere to the following requirements:

  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Have a Level 2 BBEEE status
  • Full SHEQ compliance
  • Public Liability Insurance

We are proud to report that we have not had any claims up to date. This is testament to the high quality of our work.

We are proud to be affiliated to: